In the first years the company resided in the Leipziger Strasse 4. At our present-day site
An Der Schachtbahn 18 we took extensive investments in the most modern winding, solder, casting, impregnation as well as test engineering.
3,000 square meters of production, office and storage area are at our disposal. We were able to raise continuously our staff from four employees to 80 employees nowadays.
Our customer base increases constantly as well and is characterised by a high variety of industry diversity.

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Quality assurance agreements, logistics agreements, consignment stock as well as safety stock agreements are as good a part of
our business philosophy as the continuously improvement of our products and processes regarding to innovative and also economic aspects.
Intensive long-term collaboration with our key suppliers like TDK, Elektrisola, Tridelta, Weisser and many more are guarantors of a usage of innovative primary material with a high quality.