Our enterprise manufactures customised coils and transformers for many fields of application.
If required we can support our clients during the development of the wound components.
Significant fields of application are the automation and drive technology, the automotive engineering, the signaling and security technology, the telecommunication, the lighting technology as well as the medical technology. In these areas are several wound components applied:

  • transformer for interfaces
  • broadband transformer
  • transformer for switch mode power supplies
  • pulse transformer
  • trigger transformer
  • resonant converter
  • flyback converter
  • forward converter
  • push-pull-converter
  • power transformer
  • storage choke
  • common mode choke
  • EMI suppression coil
  • PFC choke
  • resonant choke
  • AC/DC coverter
  • DC/DC converter
  • transponder coil
  • antenna coil
  • magnet coil
  • relay coil

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